Nothing sexier than a man with slouched shoulders, isn’t that right ladies? No? Well, then you realize how it makes you look, too. Instead of proud confidence, our slumped posture makes us look like a dead fish, which isn’t exactly appealing. In this day and age, we are plagued by sedentary office jobs with long shifts, and then we tend to make it worse when we get home and sit in front of our computers, ruining both our vision and our back muscles.

Good posture can make you look slimmer and more beautiful, but it’s not just about appearance. The fact that we spend most of our day sitting around is terrible for our health and can cause various issues, such as weight gain, pain in our lower back, and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and depression. So, if you want to both look and feel better, it’s time to read a few tips that will help you change your lifestyle and improve your posture.  

Stand tall

Imagine that there is a string at the top of your head and that someone is pulling on it gently. When you walk and when you stand, you want to make sure that you look proud. Square your shoulders, plant your feet firmly on the ground and tilt your hips slightly forward. Whenever you have a chance to stand, take it. When you’re at home and watching a show, get up every fifteen minutes. We are so used to sitting for ten-twelve hours a day that we don’t even realize how unnatural that is. Our bodies aren’t used to standing, so it’s time to adjust them slowly.

Sign up for a fitness classHiển thị gp 3.jpg

Physical activity is incredibly important for absolutely everyone. If you want to correct your posture, there’s no better way to do it than to strengthen your core muscles. Sign up for a fun fitness class at your nearest gym, or if you aren’t a fan of the gym, you can work out at home, or try something else. Dancing classes, martial arts, sports – anything that strikes your fancy. Yoga is also incredibly good for anyone who has issues such as scoliosis, or back aches. An hour of physical activity that you enjoy at least three times a week is a good way to have more energy, better mood and improved posture.  

Get around the town with a hoverboardHiển thị gp 4.jpg

If we’ve been slouching all our lives, we’re usually very used to it, and just exercising won’t be enough to fix that. We need to focus on it every day, and to make it easier, a simple solution presents itself in a form of hoverboards. They are really fun to use and you can get around easily, but the best thing about them is that you have to stand straight to be able to ride them. Your shoulders will be pushed back, and you’ll need to keep your body firmly aligned, so even when you’re just having fun you’ll actually be keeping your back straight. You could find a stylish purple hoverboard for yourself and ride it to work, to the grocery shop, to meet your friends, anything. It’s a very chic, effortless way to exercise.

Sit properlyHiển thị gp 5.jpg

If you can’t avoid sitting because your work requires it, then make sure you’re always sitting properly. Align your spine with the back of the chair and keep your knees slightly apart, your feet flat on the ground. Don’t cross your legs. Women are so used to keeping their legs crossed, but it’s not actually good us. Pull yourself closer to your desk so you wouldn’t have to keep leaning in, and use the armrest if your chair has it. If your office doesn’t have quality, comfortable chairs then chat with your manager and see if something can be done about it. The health of the employees is too important to be wasted.

Carry a small pillowHiển thị gp 6.jpeg

To make sure our back is always comfortable and in a proper position, carrying a small pillow, or a rolled up towel is not a bad idea. Place it near your lower back as you lean into your chair, but make sure your hips are still pressed to the chair.

Our posture has the power to influence how we see and feel about ourselves, so it’s very important that we work on it. Learning how to hold ourselves can have a very positive impact on our physical and mental health, so if you want to feel better in your own skin, try these tips and start looking forward to a more confident, better lifestyle.



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