When I get ready for the gym I rarely put any effort in to my outfit choice, sometimes I put in so little outfit that I end up being completely matching and looking like an absolute twat – no one should wear so many stripes!

However, it seems my nonchalant attitude toward dressing for the gym is actually hindering my workout…why? Because wearing certain colours to the gym actually trick our brains into being more motivated to workout.

Head to Lululemon and grab yourself as much <em>orange</em> as you possibly can, because according to multiple colour psychologists this is the colour that will help you pump more iron and run that extra km.

Colour specialist Leatrice Eiseman told Science of People and AM Northwest News that orange is the colour of “stimulation and enthusiasm.” Research has even found that orange can increase oxygen supply to your brain and produce an energising and stimulating effect.



Source: M2now