Whether you are a every-day-gym-bunny or a once-a-week-wonder, you will know that there are some areas that are harder to tone and shift weight from than others. One of the more tricky areas is our tummy – which is home to particularly stubborn fat. This fat, also known as visceral fat,  is not only stubborn but also dangerous as the more visceral fat we carry the more likely we are to develop everything from Type 2 diabetes to heart disease.

Of course, we all try to shift weight from this area with a steady, controlled diet and as much exercise as we can muster the energy for. The good news is that science may have found a solution, which comes in the form of short and sharp workouts.

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus looked into different forms of exercise to see if there were certain types that were more effective than others.

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They split participants into groups and they had to commit to four workouts per week. Some were expected to do steady-state workouts, such as walking or long-distance running, while others did strength training or a combo of steady-state and high intensity interval training (HITT).

After the trial period the research team found that those who committed to a combination of steady-state and HITT lost more weight and more centimetres from their waist. These people also saw a spike in their respiratory fitness, which is important for warding off heart disease.

Like the sound of this? Here are some examples of what you can expect from HIIT.





Source: M2now